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Tuitions for CBSE class 6th to 10th standards [ Academics + Competitive ]


Our Story

COPPER AGE PRATHAM - a subsidiary of COPPER AGE [ known to produce IAS,KAS officers ] imparts quality education to CBSE students from 6th standard to 10th standard in both online and offline mode.

COPPER AGE study circle has carved a niche for itself in the competitive world. Based on our experience we have started to realize that POOR FOUNDATION DURING SCHOOLING is the main reason for low success ratio of students in competitive exams.Thus there is a dire need to educate our children through the competitive prism.

CASE STUDY : Meet Divya a class 12th student who scored 97.3% in CBSE board exams but failed to crack NEET/JEE despite repeating !!! do you think Divya is poor in academics ??? They where did she go wrong ?? She has been rattafying the syllabus and vomited the ready made answers during board exams but failed to grasp the concepts and apply them to solve the MCQs !! Today she is under depression and the main culprit is not Divya but her PARENTS and TEACHERS . Thus prime importance should be given to conceptual clarity than just MARKS.. 

Therefor we took our "PRATHAM" step to educate your children to perform well in both academics and competitives. Now its your turn to step in and save your child's future.

Come be a part of COPPER AGE - A new age of learning.




KOUSTUB prepared his academics from competitive angle and today he cracked the prestigious CLAT exam 2022 and got admitted to NLSIU BENGALURU. Click here to watch his interview


SUCHETHANA decided to prepare for competitive exams after 12th and faced many obstacles.. with grit and determination she worked hard sacrificing one year to crack the prestigious CLAT exam 2022 and got admitted to NLSIU BENGALURU. Click here to watch her interview

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