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Recent examination trends reveals that most of the questions needs a comprehensive integrated analytical skills to solve. This comes only if a student prepares a topic interlinking it with various subjects, for example 1892 regulating act under INDIAN POLITY can only be understood if it is interlinked with the 1885 moderate policy under INDIAN HISTORY.!!! This show that subject experts do not suit the current competitive exam trends, so the need of the hour is a Tutor who can see through a topic through different subject prisms. We at COPPER AGE have a excellent team of tutors to cater the above needs. Also our study materials reflect the above philosophy. It is this philosophy which made our name  synonymous  with COMPETITIVE EXAMS.

A study circle for competitive exams. we offer courses related to UPSC, KPSC, BANKING, PSI and others. We have both online and offline courses specially designed to suit the changing trends. First institute in India  to start the method of BRICK and CLICK i.e a mixture of both offline and online based program.

CLICK method involves certain static portions (like history, geography etc.,)  delivered online so that students can take the course at their own customized needs and after every class an individual one to one interaction with mentors are provided to clear their doubts without hesitation.

BRICK method involves classroom teaching of certain dynamic topics like current affairs, economic survey, yojana magazine etc., Through this we will empower the students to speedup their preparation and take MOCK TESTS confidently.  

Personal Guidance has been at the forefront for the success of the institute, with performance graph of each student tracked and essential feedback given to students. This has helped to achieve higher rate of success and stand apart from others. Inputs for this institution come from various quarters of field ranging from IAS, Income tax Officials, IB officers, Officials of Bank for continuous improvement and implementation of new techniques to crack the examination.

"The biggest fee we expect from you is the honesty with which you serve the country and guide the other minds in this study circle to reach their goals"

- Copper Sharath

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